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In 2008 Barbara and Craig founded Focus Labour Solutions to meet the demands of high quality and honest labour hire services for the viticultural industry. 


"We have based our business on values that ensure we are always striving to be the best for our clients and employees.  We ensure we never compromise on our standards, service or systems. When we make a commitment to a client, we stick to it."  


"Currently we employ 16 permanent staff and can employ anywhere up to 120 casual staff at any one time.  With this, our clients can count on us to solve their short term or even long term labour hire requirements.  We have developed our own internal and external training programs to ensure that all staff are well trained.  We are also a member of the Master Contractors Association and 100% support their commitment to compliance and best practice."


vineyard contractors blenheim
  • Fairness - A commitment to being an honest and fair employer to all our employees.

  • Quality - To provide quality work and well-trained labour staff, and ensure each team is supervised at all times. To expand with demand, maintaining quality of service at all times.

  • Safety - To provide our staff with a safe working environment and supply all necessary safety equipment.

  • Honesty - To maintain relationships based on honesty and integrity between client, contractor and employees.

  • Integrity - To ensure all work commitments are met within agreed timeframes.

  • Compliant - To adhere to all requirements and regulations - OSH, Immigration, Department of Labour, and Employment Relations.


At Focus Labour Solutions we value diversity and employ great peope with great attitudes. We take great care in our work and do whatever it takes to get the job done. We look after our clients and value their feedback. We act professionally at all times and treat each other with honesty and respect. The health and safety of our employees is paramount.


We are a family owned and operated business that takes great pride in what we do!

vineyard contractors blenheim
vineyard contractors blenheim
vineyardc ontractors blenheim
vineyard contractors blenheim
vineyard contractors blenheim


vineyard contractors blenheim

We aren’t just limited to the viticultural and horticulture industries, we also work with regional councils, local authorities, wineries, factories and farmers. Our strong base of returning contractual employees enables us to offer a professional, high-quality labour force.  Barbara and Craig founded Focus Labour Solutions with the commitment to its employees and clients, by ensuring that all employees are well trained, compliant and treated fairly. 


We hold a current RSE status where we employ a small amount of staff from the Pacific Islands at peak times when there is a local staffing shortage.  So no matter how small or large your labour hire requirements are, Focus Labour Solutions can help you. We are proud to announce that we were the 2015 Westpac Marlborough Chamber of Commerce Business Awards Supreme Winner! Winning three categories: Westpac Supreme Award, Wallace Diack Chartered Accountants Titan Business Award and Southern Water Engineering Investing in People & Skills Award.

vineyard contractors blenheim


  • Focus Labour Solutions are members of our industry’s reputable bodies, and are ‘Recognised Seasonal Employer’ (RSE) compliant. Being accredited and audited by these bodies includes visits from three separate Government departments/agencies, including the Department of Labour, Immigration Department and the Ministry for Primary Industry. Our processes, standards, and documentation are rigorously scrutinised, and we have to answer many questions and provide proof of what we are doing.


  • Through our involvement with Work and Income New Zealand (WINZ) we have had to demonstrate the calibre of our labour services operation, especially in regards to labour training (regular winter and summer programmes).


  • We have high supervision ratios and in fact one of the highest (if not the highest) amongst New Zealand viticultural contractors. Our supervision rate is 15 contractors to every supervisor (15:1) compared with up to 50:1 amongst other contractors.


  • Each of our employees goes through an induction process (including being provided with an induction book and code of conduct) to bring them up to speed with our standards and procedures and is thoroughly trained before they do any work.


  • New employees begin work under heavy supervision to ensure compliance with codes and best practices before settling into work with regular supervision levels.


  • We run contractual audits on every job to ensure that all work performed is of a high standard.


  • We are a member of HazardCo where we have a top level health and safety program that includes manuals, induction cards for employees, hazard checks and the appropriate safety equipment.  All staff, especially supervisors, are trained in health and safety to ensure that we work in a safe manner at all times and are compliant.


  • At Focus Labour Solutions, we communicate with our clients throughout jobs and then debrief at the end to ensure that we meet our contractual requirements and that the client is happy.




All of our work is completed on time, within budget and in keeping with contractual terms.


We have extremely thorough and professional contracts spelling out clearly, and in great detail, our scope of service.


We provide a transparent framework to our clients to assure them of our standards – such as providing confirmation and guarantee of our international staff’s visa status (supplying print-outs from the Immigration program ‘Visa View’).


We are extremely proactive about managing expectations and controlling costs. Our diligence on this front has enabled us to become a trusted partner with our clientele.


We have sole-management of one vineyard in the Awatere and have visions of expanding this service.


We provide you with a flexible and mobile workforce where personnel are trained in their specialised industry; keeping your operations running smoothly and reducing your liabilities.


All work performed is of a high quality where we ensure all staff are well trained (with regular training opportunities) and audits conducted on every job.


We have strict health and safety protocols that are followed at all times.

vineyard contractors blenheim
vineyard contractors blenheim


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What Our People Say

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the most enjoyable summer working with Focus.  As you know, I worked for you some five or more years ago and can only comment in the most favourable terms on the very many ways the company has grown in confidence, culture and professionalism, since that time.  I wish to comment in particular on the 1st class workplace culture that has developed - very ably led from the front by your Lead Supervisor, Mourie.  I would certainly recommend Focus as a first choice for workers, foreign and local"

Arnold Web - Focus Casual Worker



We have developed an industry training program for anyone who wishes to gain experience or improve their skills in the viticulture industry.

You will be given hands on training, by an expert in the field and taught best practice techniques on pruning and wrapping grape vines for the wine industry.

The course is run once a  week from Tuesday to Thursday for 6 hours per day.

Each course is limited to  a maximum of 10.

Cost $60 per person

If you are interested in finding out more information about this course or wish to register to attend, please contact Craig Mill on 021 2772 440 or email


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