Certainly a Different Harvest

As an essential business, we were able to continue with harvesting for our clients and considering the situation it was as good as it could be.

Due to safety reasons we had less staff, setup house bubbles and would not employ outside of our houses. The teams in the houses stayed working and living together. We were audited on our safety protocols and passed with flying colours. We certainly took the safety of our staff and everyone very seriously.

We supplied all of our own toilets and had special hand wash areas setup with throw away paper towels. It worked really well and certainly what has come out of it, is staff becoming far more hygienic, it really has become part of their normal routine. It's like we have always been doing it and will continue from now on. It was great to see such a high level of safety out there and not just with us.

Due to drought the quality of the grapes was exceptional and quantity just okay. But again, given the situation, you couldn't have asked for any better.

We want to thank our amazing team; they did us proud.

Stay safe everyone!

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