RowMaster Revolution - Now a Reality

RowMaster is a revolutionary new system designed to take the hassle out of vineyard contract payroll; and if you have ever been involved in this process, you will understand the need for such a program. In fact, we are designing it so it is not just suitable to vineyards, but any business involved in piece-meal rates or combination of piece-meal and hourly rates i.e. fruit picking etc.

For the past two years, a specialised team at Focus has been working on the research and development of a new cloud based system, which will allow our supervisors to enter hourly rates and piece rate data live whilst in the field. This data is collated and reported in a way that is quickly and easily verified and entered into payroll programs - reducing manual collection of this information by between 60%-75%.

Initial trialing has proven extremely successful and we are currently in the process of fine tuning so we can go 100% live with it. From there we will then be working on linking RowMaster with popular cloud based payroll programs for further productivity gains. We are truly excited about this...especially our office staff!

Our next step will be to brand and launch RowMaster, taking it to market and making it available to anyone who wishes to increase productivity and take the stress out of weekly payroll hassle. Watch this space!

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