Welcome to new staff

On the 8th February 2017, we had three new ladies start with us all the way from Tokoroa (30km southwest of Rotorua). They come to us through the NZ seasonal work scheme, which we are a part of. This scheme is run by the Ministry of Social Development where they look for people around New Zealand that are in need of a job and can move to a different location within New Zealand. The idea is that people are better off in work; work builds financial security, confidence and independence. And also, getting them out of their current environment and into a new one, can help them stay focussed when starting a new job. MSD are committed to getting more people into work and helping them stay in work.

With the scheme they get a four-month fixed term contract, however, if everything goes well, we may offer them full-time employment. During the fixed term contract, we provide them with accommodation in one of our properties, making it nice and easy for them.

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