Giving Cohelix a Whirl

We are really excited to be one of the first businesses to not only be using Cohelix, but to work with Cohelix by using their system and providing feedback and recommendations. Cohelix (check out is a cloud based employment documentation platform to help businesses manage their employment contracts, from creating to signing. The idea is that you create a contract for a new staff member based on your templates, where they are emailed an electronic copy they can sign online. The benefits to using Cohelix are:

  • It will simplify and speed up the process

  • Everything is stored online, in one location

  • Ensures you are compliant

  • Helps you go paperless

We are always looking at how we can streamline our business to ensure we are striving for continuous improvement and efficiency, and we believe that Cohelix are on the right track. We also love being able to help out another business from their early days, where we can provide valuable feedback to help them improve their product.

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