Harvest - Only Down by 9%

Despite all of the issues the Marlborough region faced with harvest, Wine Marlborough only reported a decrease of 9%. Insert from their Vintage report: Marlborough harvested 302,396 tonnes of grapes this year, which was 79% of the national crop, according to the New Zealand Winegrowers (NZW) Vintage Survey 2017. NZW Chief Executive Philip Gregan says the national harvest total of 396,000 tonnes was down 9% on last year, promising more “muted” export volume growth in the year ahead.

The issues started with the November earthquakes, then we were faced with a cool/windy summer, and to top it off, too much rain in Autumn. Despite all of this, Marlborough was able to minimise the impact. Wine Marlborough report that this is mainly due to careful planning and management of vineyards, and good harvest decisions.

What we don’t know yet, is what the flavours will be like. We certainly know, that we can’t wait for the wine to hit the market in the coming months!

To check out the full report, click here.

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