Great Start to the Year!

Wow this year has been busy for us already, starting with a New Year's BBQ for the staff which included a day of Volleyball and soccer - seven teams in total competing. What a fun day! We had 18 new staff arrive from Kiritabi in January and will be with us for nine months; and for the first time we have four from Tuvalu and they will also be staying for nine months. We personally house them, along with our kiwis and provide pastoral care 24/7. We really make the effort to make them feel like Blenheim is their home. Craig also went to Vanuatu for recruiting and really happy that 43 out of the 44 turned up with all of the correct papers. Because of this Craig managed to get in a day of fishing - yeeha! It did rain all week, but was super-hot despite the rain. Excited to see what 2020 will bring us! Happy New Years to all.

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